Dahlia Campus Greenhouse
Address: 3401 Eudora St. Denver, CO, 80207
Phone: 303-504-1635
About Us
The Dahlia Campus Greenhouse is a 5,400 sq. ft. aquaponic greenhouse where fish and plants thrive. Our tilapia, catfish and koi provide the nutrients that allow our leafy greens, lettuces, herbs and cherry tomatoes to flourish and grow year round.
The Greenhouse houses an aquaponics system that circulates water between the fish tanks and the hydroponic grow beds that house our plants. We are committed to minimizing our ecological impact. We compost all plant waste, and reuse/recycle as many materials as possible; we use only natural or OMRI certified inputs.

A brief note about our products:

Since our farm is subject to weather and other unpredictable circumstances, please know that on occasion we might not be able to fulfill an order that has been placed in advance. We will always do our best to remove any order from our billing system if we know that we will not be able to provide it so that you won't be charged for items that you don't receive. If you feel that you have been charged in error, please reach out to our team to let us know.

Please also know that we take food safety very seriously and our food safety plan goes above and beyond the legal requirements. We do not wash any leafy greens before bagging them for sale. We recommend that you wash your produce before consumption and follow instructions for cooking fish to a safe temperature. Fish is sold fresh and on ice, unless it is processed off-site by Seattle Fish Company, a certified fish-processing facility which has reviewed our seafood HACCP plan. We are a qualified exempt farm under the Produce Safety Rule of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).