Terms of Service

By loading your credit card or bank information, you are providing us with authorization to charge your card according to the order you have placed with us. All orders submitted must be paid for; refunds are not available if you forget an item at the pick-up site, or forget to get your order entirely. In the event of poor weather conditions, we will do our best to contact customers via the contact information provided to inform them of any plans to cancel or close early. If we have canceled or closed early, you will not be responsible for payment for any items that you have not received.

Because of limited storage space, we are not able to accommodate late pick-ups. If you are not able to pick up your produce during the designated window, you may have a friend or colleague pick up your order on your behalf. People picking up produce for you will take on the responsibility of getting your produce to you in good condition. At drop-off and self-serve locations (where the pick-up window is not staffed), once the delivery is made by us, we can no longer be accountable for the whereabouts of your order.

We will inspect and pack all orders prior to distribution. In the event that product gets damaged during packing, we will provide a store credit to the customer, provided that the damaged goods are returned.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality produce, and we require our producer to deliver market-grade products. The customer understands that since our farmers do not use pesticides or herbicides, fruits and vegetables may not look "perfect".